Aggressively Defending Indiana Nursing Homes

The rise in population of people over 70 in the United States has resulted in an increase of residents who rely on nursing home and other assisted living facilities and services. It has also brought an influx of lawsuits alleging negligent care and heightened public awareness of complaints against the nursing home industry.

Plaintiffs in these cases almost invariably claim that a facility's operators emphasize profits over the welfare of their residents, an argument that effectively places the nursing home on trial and shifts the burden of proof to the defendant. At Bleeke Dillon Crandall in Indianapolis, our team of highly skilled lawyers provides aggressive and accomplished defense against nursing home litigation.

Attorneys Jim Bleeke, Jeb Crandall, Richard Moore and Jill Esenwein have represented nursing home operators across Indiana. Mr. Moore is a two-time program chairman for the Defense Research Institute's Nursing Home/ALF Litigation seminar, the pre-eminent seminar for attorneys and other professionals involved in the defense of claims against long-term care and assisted living facilities.

A Thorough Understanding of Plaintiffs' Tactics

These cases are unique and complex. They require legal counsel that is familiar with plaintiffs' strategies and understand how to defend against those strategies. The earlier our team gets involved, the better. Often, we meet with a number of a facility's staff, including nurses, social workers and management, to develop a strong story that showcases the facility's efforts to create the best possible environment for its residents.

We defend claims involving all aspects of nursing home care, from intentional misconduct, abuse and neglect, to malnutrition, inadequate supervision, injuries and wrongful death. The damage that can result from a single nursing home malpractice lawsuit can be severe. We are committed to protecting the reputation of your employees and your business.

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