General Insurance Defense

All of the attorneys at Bleeke Dillon Crandall are experienced litigators. We have experience in state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate levels. An integral part of how we handle all litigation is to learn from the client what that client's objectives in the litigation are, and report to the client on a regular basis regarding both the developments in the case, and our assessment and recommendations.

Our Approach to Litigation

Know Your Adversary

In litigation, as in any competitive endeavor, it is absolutely crucial to know your adversary, including the strengths, weaknesses, styles and strategies commonly utilized by an opponent. Our experience in litigating against a large percentage of lawyers across Indiana provides us with knowledge of our opponents that we repeatedly use to the advantage of our clients in planning a specific strategy tailored to working with that particular adversary.

Know Your Stuff

Similarly, litigation, like other competitions, generally rewards the party that is the most prepared and has gathered the strongest resources for the competition. We pledge to be better prepared than our adversary and to avail ourselves of the resources we have developed over many years of litigation, particularly with healthcare providers, who play a crucial role in a broad range of litigation involving personal injuries. We attempt to utilize the expertise and contacts developed through the representation of hundreds of Indiana healthcare providers to produce a streamlined but thorough strategy for the medical aspects of each case.

Prepare With the End in Mind

Litigation tends to be most successful when prepared with the end in mind. We realize that most cases do not require a trial and that time devoted to each case must be used judiciously. However, we firmly believe that every case can be prepared best by developing, as early as possible, the theme of the case that would ultimately be presented to a judge or jury if the case went to trial. Specifically, we endeavor to construct the outline of our case strategy and key themes to allow discussion and critical review by our client before the first deposition occurs in each case. This requires more hard work and preparation early in the case, but yields superior results and cost savings by assuring that legal efforts are targeted at the optimum final outcome.

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