Jeb's Personal Page

In our free time, my wife (Emily) and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. With a combined total of twelve nieces and nephews, there is always a family event to attend. Whether it's a birthday party, basketball game, or day at the lake, our calendar is always full. We also both love to play golf. It is a great sport and something we both enjoy together.

Emily and I adopted a great cat named Jax. Although I have always been more of a dog kind of guy, Jax's personality is much more akin to a dog than a cat. He loves a good belly-rub when we get home, and he will even play fetch!


“We made a very wise decision switching to your firm. We needed your expertise and I’m truly thankful for you and your team; I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and the persistence it took for this complicated case. This has been a long eight years, but I had full confidence in all of you, and I am very appreciative and grateful.”
– General Counsel after receiving favorable decisions from the Medical Review Panel, Court of Appeals, and Indiana Supreme Court

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