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How to Get Fired as a Lawyer

Many lawyers spend vast amounts of time, effort and money trying to cultivate new client relationships and build their practices. We look for opportunities to meet new prospects and get referrals for new business through involvement in professional o…
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Practicing Law With the End in Mind

The events of 2001 have caused many in our nation to reanalyze our priorities and our life’s goals. Even before the tragic events of September 11, I had been given ample reason to carefully examine the goals of career and life after my brother,…
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Mediation Strategies: What Plaintiffs Really Want

As defense attorneys, we often focus most of our efforts on assembling the most crucial facts and the strongest legal arguments to build defense themes for our clients. We hope that the strength of our thoroughly analyzed positions and our resolve to…
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“Richard, just wanted to let you know that after the case settled, I got a note back from them saying the client was raving about both you and I and how she thought you did a great job. Folks are thrilled with the teamwork and how this case was handle…”
– Claim representative after favorable settlement four days into a jury trial

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