Section 15 Compromise Settlement

The Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana ("Board") requires employers to be represented by legal counsel, including cases where the parties have agreed to a " true" full and final settlement via a Section 15 Compromise Settlement (so named because of the Indiana Code section authorizing such settlements, I.C. 22-3-2-15.)

Certain information must be submitted in order to obtain the Board's approval of such Agreements. Depending upon the nature of the dispute or injury that led to the settlement, medical records including the PPI report, records or reports regarding major treatment such as surgery, and of course, details of the settlement itself, need to be outlined. Once executed by all parties, the Agreement is submitted to the Board where it is reviewed by the Board's Chairman, Linda Hamilton, who analyzes and approves such settlements.

Typically, the process takes about 14 days from the date the Agreement is submitted to the Board for review to receive approval. To date, BleekeDillonCrandall has a 100% approval rate with the Board. That is, each Section 15 Compromise Settlement drafted by BleekeDillonCrandall and submitted to the Board on behalf of our client has received first-time approval, thus providing efficient, timely closure of the case.

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