Provider Fee Disputes

Since 2006 provider fee disputes have become a major area of litigation in the worker's compensation arena in Indiana. Although this section of the Worker's Compensation Act was enacted over ten years ago, no one had ever taken a case to hearing until the managing partner and attorney Carol Dillon successfully did so in May of 2006.

Few attorneys around the State of Indiana are involved in this emerging and complicated area of practice. However, BleekeDillonCrandall has two attorneys who litigate these disputes. Carol Dillon and Jeb Crandall find this area of law particularly interesting, challenging and laden with policy arguments in that many of the disputes involve public payers, such as fire or sheriff departments, counties or townships.

We are committed to continually educating ourselves and our clients. In this particular area of law, our commitment also extends to educating the Worker's Compensation Board, the opposing party, and the public about how the statute should be interpreted and applied in regard to medical providers, insurance carriers and billing review service companies.

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