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If there was a master list of top-five tasks that remain uncompleted on most adults' "to-do" lists, drafting a will and designating powers of attorney would almost certainly be on it. You have worked too hard to ignore the important steps that will help you protect those assets and plan for their efficient transfer to those you love when you die.

The simple fact is, with assistance from experienced estate planning attorneys like those at Bleeke Dillon Crandall in Indianapolis, putting the essential components of a comprehensive estate plan in place is not a cumbersome or expensive project. Often, we can review your financial situation in an hour or less and recommend the estate planning tools that will accomplish your objectives.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that estate plans are only for high-asset households. If you own a home or any assets and you have loved ones in your life, at minimum, you need a will and powers of attorney in place.

Don't Leave Your Loved Ones Wondering About Your Wishes

We work with clients from all walks of life, including business owners and others who have complex financial holdings that may require more sophisticated estate plans. We make full use of trusts that can minimize taxes, avoid probate, provide for adult children with special needs or accomplish a number of other unique objectives.

By establishing durable powers of attorney for health care and financial matters, you designate an individual or individuals who can make important decisions for you if you become incapacitated. This process typically includes writing a "living will" to clarify your wishes regarding end-of-life health care measures. Failure to put these important documents in place could lead to confusion among family members regarding your wishes or result in legal disputes between family members.

We Can Help With Probate And Estate Disputes

We also help individuals navigate the Indiana probate process. Certain assets, including life insurance policies and other accounts with a joint or designated beneficiary, are not required to go through probate. If you have been named as the personal representative for an estate, we can help you navigate the probate process in a timely fashion.

Our experience creating complex estate plan documents provides us valuable insight for clients who wish to challenge a will. If there were mistakes in the will, evidence of fraud or if you feel the person who wrote the will lacked the mental capacity to understand the result of his or her actions, or was unduly influenced when writing or changing a will, we can help.

Call 317-567-2222 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our accomplished estate planning lawyers. We will review your situation and recommend the best steps to take. We are experienced in drafting wills, trusts, power of attorneys, living wills, and healthcare power of attorneys. Please contact Nate Leach or Jim Bleeke for a free initial consultation.

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