Legal Counsel With A Personal Approach

The phone rang in Jim Bleeke's office. "Thirty-seven seconds," the voice on the other end said.

It was a friend of Jim's, a lawyer from an out-of-state firm. He had just sent Jim an email with no message in it, only Jim's name in the subject line. The friend explained that he and a colleague were discussing how responsive Jim Bleeke and his entire firm are to their clients' needs. As an experiment, they sent the email. Jim's response time was 37 seconds.

We Are Here For You, Not The Other Way Around!

If you have a legal concern, you want to know that your matter will be handled by attorneys who understand the issues involved and who will produce a favorable outcome. At Bleeke Dillon Crandall in Indianapolis, we get great results for our clients.

But a lot of firms get good results. What sets us apart — what we try to do better than any law firm in Indiana and across the U.S. — is to provide extraordinary service. What does that look like? It means different things to different clients. We know that not every client wants the same approach. Some are looking for a quick resolution, while others want us to defend their case to the bitter end. We do both, depending upon what the client wants. And we pride ourselves on listening to our clients, so that we understand and embrace their objectives.

Many clients are concerned about the cost of legal representation and whether their matter is worth pursuing. We provide our clients with risk assessments and cost estimates early in the process. We are also open to creative fee arrangements when necessary. Just ask.

We represent clients across Indiana and in other states in a diverse mix of practice areas. We have a team of attorneys whose strengths include the ability to listen to clients' concerns and develop legal strategies that address their unique needs. Our consultative approach and our emphasis on clear, concise communication have earned us high marks from our peers, as well as the businesses and individuals we serve.

We Start With A Plan

When people have a legal problem, they want answers, or at least a plan to get those answers. We listen carefully to identify the key issues, sometimes on the first day, but at the very least within the first 30 days. We propose the most efficient plan to evaluate the issues, work with our clients to formulate an early strategy, and strive to impose pose some predictability on a process that can seem overwhelming. Our clients are our partners and their concerns are ours.

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